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Marketing Communication: Introduction

Integrative building block School of Commerce

Marketing Communication Strategy

This Libguide is made by NHL Stenden Library and the The Academy of Commerce & INternational Business, it is about marketing communication, actually it is the central theme of the course "Marketing Communication". This integrative building block prepares you to work on the overall assignment which contains the parts below:

  • Marketing Communication Strategy - Teacher: Mrs. R. van der Vlist 
  • English for Business Communication - Teacher : Mrs.  J. Huisman
  • Communication Research and Consumer Behavior - Teachers: Mrs. R. van der Vlist / Mr. W. Borger
  • Neuromarketing - Teacher: Mr. C. Beuker
  • Study Coach Communication (SCC) - Teacher: Mrs. R. van der Vlist. 

The libguide helps you to identify your topic, finding good sources to complete the assignments, evaluate them and how to use the sources



Competencies of the Course

  1. Entrepreneurship: Initiating, creating and realizing products and services, independent and enterprising.
  1. Market research: designing, implementing, interpreting, testing and evaluating market research.
  1. Business analysis and environmental analysis. Establishing an enterprise of both the strengths and weaknesses based on an analysis of internal company processes and culture as part of the value chain, and also the opportunities and threats at local, national and/or international market, based on relevant national and international trends.
  1. Marketing: Developing marketing strategies for an (international) enterprise and defend the choices made.
  1. Marketing: Designing, implementing, adjusting and evaluating plans from the marketing policy.
  1. Maintaining business relationships for the purpose of purchasing, sales and service.
  1. Communicating in at least one foreign language and taking into account cultural differences.
  1. Marketing communication. Communicating with on- and offline marketing communication target groups.
  1. Leading a project, business unit, business processes or company.
  1. Interpersonal. The direct communication with the parties in the commercial area.
  1. Intrapersonal. The communication by a person with himself as a professional in the commercial area.