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In the displays below you will find the books on tourism available in the NHL Stenden Library. Some of the books are part of the Ebsco E-book collection (or one of the other ebook databases) and can be read online or you can save/download/print pages from these books. Find out by moving the cursor over the title of the book.

Finding books:

Use Catalogue NHL Stenden library  to locate these books in the library or or use the eBooks databases to find e-books on your topic. Want to know how to find more books in hardcopy or e-books in the library? Use the Information literacy libguide to find out: Information literacy - I want to find a book and Information literacy - Topics and search terms



Perspective 2030, the vision for tourism in the Netherlands, is about the changing role of tourism. Heading up to 2030, we expect a 50 percent increase in the number of international tourists. This requires a new approach that prioritises the common interests of visitors, companies and residents. The goal is for every Dutch person to benefit from tourism. 

European Union Short-Term Tourism Trends presents inbound tourism trends in the European Union (EU-28) based on preliminary 2017 year-to-date results of international arrivals and receipts (with the most timely destinations having reported up to the first 9 months of 2017 by the end of October). Furthermore, it provides a glance of outbound tourism trends based on international tourism expenditure data for source markets.

This report describes the outline of the trends and developments of national and international  tourism and the factors that influence  it. Firstly brief details are given of the international developments, followed by an assessment of the position of the Netherlands. A benchmark analysis provides insight into development of inbound tourism in the Netherlands compared with surrounding coutries: Belgium, Germany, UK and Denmark.


Tourism: Principles and practice / Fletcher, Fyall, Gilbert & Wanhill

This book offers the fundamental and underlying principles with which to approach the study of tourism, contributing a complete framework that effectively integrates theory and practice. The text has been updated to take into account developments such as business tourism, sports and events management and mobile technology and social tourism. Egaging writing style and accessible structure,  student who wants to understand and explore the principles of the subject.

Tourism: The business of hospitality and travel / Cook, Hsu & Taylor

It views the industry from a holistic, global business perspective–examining the management, marketing and finance issues most important to industry members. Chapters reveal an integrated model of tourism and address consumer behavior, service quality, and personal selling. Includes new and updated material on social media, event management, timeshares, sustainable and marijuana tourism, and the future of tourism.

Tourism impacts, planning and management / Mason

Tourism impacts are multi-faceted and therefore are difficult to plan for and manage. This title looks at all the key players involved and considers a number of approaches and techniques for managing tourism impacts successfully. New material on: terrorism, sustainability, climate change, sex tourism, heritage tourism, theories of tourism planning, GIS, destination planning and management  Case studies on urban tourism, pro-poor tourism, cruise ship tourism, coral reef tourism, historic monuments, eco-labels, codes of conduct and sustainable tourism from both developed and developing regions.

Health and wellness tourism: Emergence of a new market segment / Álvarez-García & Peris-Ortiz

Recently, there has been an increased interest in health and wellness due to greater life expectancy, aging populations, increasing levels of stress among others. In this context, the concepts of health, wellness, beauty, relaxation, and tourism can be combined to satisfy the needs of people seeking better quality-of-life. This has given rise to health and wellness tourism, a new market segment that contributes to employment and economic growth in the new economy.This book aims to contribute to the literature and aid in developing a theoretical and practical framework in the area of health and wellness tourism.

Environment and tourism / Holden

In an epoch representing a critical juncture for the future well-being of the planet based on our relationship to nature, the text has been updated to reflect the growth in significance of the interaction between tourism and the natural environment as a part of this discourse. It communicates a range of key conceptual debates on the ethics and economics of the consuming nature for tourism and relates these to real world examples whilst evaluating environmental planning, and management responses.