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Sport: Organizations

Sport organizations

Many organizations share information in reports about developments in society, economy and industries, among which the sports sector. Besides official bodies like the government department and national bureau of statistics, branch or professional associations and research bureaus offer reports. Websites of some of these organizations van be found in the boxes below. Reports can often be found under links or tabs like "Topics", "Theme's", "Publications", "Documents" or "Research".

Dutch government

The Dutch Government shows Sports & Physical Activity as one the topics on their website. .The Government of the Netherlands website on Sports and Physical Activity also refers to the main organizations for organized sports: Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity (NISB) and the Nederland Olympic Commitee and the Nederlandse Sport Federatie (NOC*NSF) websites (on the right hand side).


The "Nederlands Olympisch Comité * Nederlandse Sport Federatie" (NOC*NSF) is the main organization for organized sports in the Netherlands. The 74 member organizations account for more than 23,000 sport clubs which totals 5,3 million people involved in organized sports. The average number of people joining a club is approximately 200 members.

NOC*NSF is the umbrella organisation for sports in the Netherlands. As the country’s Olympic Committee, it is develops, promotes, and projects the Olympic Movement in the Netherlands and is responsible for sending Dutch athletes to the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games, and the European Youth Olympic Festival.


Knowledge Centre for Sports Netherlands

Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands (abbreviated to KCSportNL) aims to strengthen the impact of sport through better use of knowledge and to increase the level of knowledge about sport and physical activity. More knowledge leads to better interventions, more effective programmes and a more competent workplace in sport and physical activity.

For facts and figures use the tab About Sport in NL. To find publications use the tab Our Knowledge.

Mulier Institute

The mission of the Mulier institute is to stimulate the coordination, synchronization and cooperation of more fundamental and policy based scholarly sports research in the Netherlands. The three main tasks of the institute are the monitoring of developments in sports, to comprehend and explain current (policy) issues and to communicate and discuss knowledge on sports and society.

Search the library of the Mulier Institute for publications. many are ful text available although not all are in the English language. Or go to the tab Publicaties to see a list and search for publications directly.

European Union - EU Bookshop

The European Union published information on different themes. much of the informaiton in the EU Bookshop is for free. Either browse by theme or search for "sport" or "sports"