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Transition module : Manager, Ondernemer, Horeca (MOH): Problem 1

Problem 1

Problem 1:    Introduction to HR and M&O

Action problem



Please discuss these following statements/questions:


  1. Every manager is an HR manager


  2. The definition of an “organisation” is………


  1. Why are M and O often linked?


  1. Women are more suitable for HR tasks than men


  1. Every organisation has its own HR department


  1. HRM concepts are used in the same way all around the world



Some exercises to get familiar with HRM affairs


  1. What are your own experiences with regards to HRM?


  2. Which tasks do the HR department or other departments within a hotel undertake?



HR department

Which other department is in charge?

  1. Introduction of new staff



  1. Which wines are on the wine card



  1. The interior of the rooms



  1. The payroll administration



  1. The annual company party



  1. Working hours



  1. Absence due to illness



  1. Contracts



  1. Hiring of new interns



  1. Job Description



  1. Maintenance of the building



  1. High season occupancy



  1. Training of staff



  1. Performance Appraisal



  1. Financial analysis of the revenue



  1. Check out procedure



  1. Outplacement procedure



  1. Evaluate guest satisfaction



  1. Produce a booking app



  1. Dealing with guest complaints



Your own examples…










  1. Even though this topic might sound new to you, you might already have ideas about some of the subjects that you are about to study. Besides this, you may even have a general idea of the role and functions of the HR or Personnel department in an organisation.


  1. Write down individually, all the topics on a small piece of paper (Post-its delivered by the tutor) – so for every topic a new piece of paper (Step 3, analyse the Problem Statement eg. A brainstorm)


  2. Then share the ideas in the group and if issues are unclear explain them to one another (Step 3 of PBL process)


  1. Do you recognise certain clusters of groups of items where commonalities exist?Stick them on the whiteboard clustering them by theme or group (Step 4 of PBL process)


  2. Now have a look at exercise D and try to fill out the empty HRM model. Based on your input of step I till III you might be able to recognise certain topics.



  1. Fill in the empty boxes of the HRM Model


We made an HRM model and we want you to put the elements in the right order. Please fill out the model using the answers from the previous questions, exercises and your common sense.


Knowing what the different concepts mean would be a good starting point! And check your findings of exercise C.



At the end of the 1st PBL session as a group you are supposed to be able to present the correct HRM model. You know more than you might think!


  1. HRM strategy, Policies and Practices

  2. Onboarding

  3. Appraisal

  4. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

  5. Environmental Forces

  6. Workforce Planning

  7. Transfers and Succession

  8. Recruitment and Selection

  9. Employee Performance

  10. Vision, Mission and Strategy

  11. Pay and Benefit

  12. Training and Development