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Marketing Communication: Introduction

Integrative building block School of Commerce


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English for Business Communication

This Libguide is designed to support you at a first research paper which starts with a review of an essay. Than you have to choose a topic appropriate for an academic paper, formulate either an expository or persuasive thesis, research outside sources to support the main points, integrate that research into original writing, and format the research paper according to APA guidelines.

Besides developing academic writing skills, this course gives practice in the English language skills needed for business and commerce.  The language is presented in a variety of business contexts, thus giving a directly relevant meaning to you, as a professional learner.

"Good relations among members of a business are critical for success. Good communication skills are an important element for the development of good relationships. Poor communications starve a relationship while good communications nourish it." Retreived on 13 April 2017 from