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Flor Floris: Internet resources

International Trade

Internet Resources-1

Target audience (B2C)

Once you have answered the questions about the customers, ask yourself "Why Wallonia" and "Why the Netherlands"?
Why would you consider Wallonia / the Netherlands an interesting market to export to? How relevant is the information you have gathered so far?

To get answers, you need to check some information first. Different websites may be useful.
•  National statistics about population
• Municipality’s key figures
• National register

You can also find some interesting information on (health) websites or in the newspapers.

About alcohol consumption :
• Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of alcohol consumption in Europe
• The Netherlands: an island of moderation within Europe
• Dutch alcohol policy
• Les Belges et l'acohol: consommation moyenne d'environ 11 litres par an

These links are only a few examples of the huge variety of information sources you can access.
Once you’ve got the information, ask yourself if it is good or bad news for a Spanish company willing to export to Wallonia and/or the Netherlands!

Customer (B2B)

To identify the customers in business to business market, different tools are available.
As for other sectors, we can point out different food, drink and alcohol federations:


Information about Belgian (or more precisely Walloon) and Dutch culture is not easy to find. You can get some on different websites related to food, culture, drink culture, way of life...


Before deciding to export to a market, it is of course crucial to focus on the market and existing competitors.

• Company directory: to identify your competitors
• Balance sheet center of the national bank

Another well-known technique is called benchmarking. Observe your competitors and figure out what they sell, how they sell, what prices they charge and so on.

To have a good overview of your competitive landscape, you can for example represent your main competitors and different criteria on two different lines. Then, Point out if these criteria represent a real asset or the opposite.


Finally, a lot of other websites will give you overall information about Belgium and other countries.
Some give you the opportunity to search by product or sector.


Overall information about the Netherlands: