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Tourism marketing: The Environment



Travel Tomorrow : Envision the future of travel

This report from the ANVR answers the following research question:

How do Dutch, outbound travellers shop in the future (2025) and which actions

do Dutch travel companies have to take to fulfil the needs of future travellers

and conquer a leading position in an increasingly global, competitive travel landscape?

Travel Tomorrow : Envision the future of travel : appendix

The first three chapters of this appendix are:

Chapter 1: Macro analysis (PESTLE factors)

Chapter 2: Trend analysis

Chapter 3: Customer insights


Report from the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council)


Books on PESTLE analysis


Search MarketLine via the NHL Stenden Library webpage for sport to find the the Industry report on Travel and Tourism in different countries,  Company profiles, Country Profiles, Cases studies and Company news.

CBI - Ministry of Foreign affairs

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2020

They OECD publish the following book every two year. It contains a description of trends in tourism worldwide but also descriptions of tourism in 50 different countries, also the Netherlands are described.

You can find this publication in the database OECD iLibrary on the website of NHL Stenden library