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Tourism marketing: Market: Dutch outbound tourists


CBS report : Trends in the Netherlands: How many people in the Netherlands are smokers? What is the development of food prices? How many jobs and job vacancies have there been over the past few years? Trends in the Netherlands answers these and many other questions about the dutch society. Special features in this year’s edition include teachers in primary education, net labour participation and the economy.


The Netherlands on the European scale 2019: How does the Netherlands fare in comparison with other European countries? In this publication, facts and figures on the economy and society are set against the rest of the European Union.


StatLine is the electronic databank of Statistics Netherlands. It enables users to compile their own tables and graphs. The information can be accessed, printed and downloaded free of charge. The link goes to dutch version, in this version you will find more data about the dutch and their holidays.




Market and Trade Profile: Netherlands

The first two chapters of this reports will give you information on the dutch tourist:

Chapter 1: Inbound market statistics provides insights on key statistics about Dutch travellers and who they are. It takes a look at Britain and its competitive set as well as activities of Dutch visitors in the UK.

Chapter 2: Understanding the market takes a close look at Dutch consumer trends, booking, planning and further travel behaviour of this source market. Perceptions of Britain held by the Dutch are also highlighted


Trendrapport toerisme, recreatie en vrije tijd

ANVR report

Travel Tomorrow : Envision the future of travel

This report from the ANVR answers the following research question:

How do Dutch, outbound travellers shop in the future (2025) and which actions

do Dutch travel companies have to take to fulfil the needs of future travellers

and conquer a leading position in an increasingly global, competitive travel landscape?