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Expedition Leisure & Events: Aanwinsten

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Aanwinsten lijst NHL Stenden bibliotheek Leeuwarden












Op de website van NHL Stenden bibliotheek worden de aanwinsten van de afgelopen maand per locatie getoond. Kilik op de afbeelding voor de aanwinsten van lokatie  Leeuwarden. Voor de andere lokaties klik hier en scroll naar beneden.

Aanwinsten bibliotheek - uitgelicht voor Leisure & Events

Leisure Studies : Themes and Perspectives / Best

What is the place of leisure in societies where people complain of 'over-work'? How do personal freedom and choice relate to the inequalities of class, gender, disability and ethnicity? This critical introduction to the field offers a systematic account of the meaning and structure of leisure today. The book: • situates the student in the field • provides a comprehensive account of the leading approaches to leisure • explores the influence of class, race, gender, ethnicity, disability and age • discusses to role of the sate • examines leisure in the context of changing work relationships • locates leisure in the debate around globalization.

Leisure’s Legacy / Stebbins

This book illustrates how leisure, as with other complex ideas that hold currency in today's world, suffers at the level of common sense, due to a combination of oversimplification, moral depreciation, and even lack of recognition. Leisure's modern legacy is both profound and immense, as a product of approximately 45 years of steady research, application and theory development. The common sense view of free-time activities, therefore, can and should be challenged. 1. Introduction, 2. The Nature of Leisure, 3. Leisure’s Common Sense Images, 4. The History of Today’s Legacy, 5. Modern Complexity: Types of Leisure, 6. What Do We Get from Leisure? Positive Rewards, 7. What Do We Get from Leisure? Its , Costs, 8. Leisure in the Community: Contributions, 9. Leisure in the Community: Negative Effects, 10. Personal Development Through Leisure, 11. : Devotee Work as Leisure, 12. Leisure Lifestyle, 13. Conclusion.

Basisboek managementvaardigheden : van zelfkennis naar leiderschap

Basisboek managementvaardigheden introduceert de belangrijkste managementtheorieën en biedt werkvormen om managementvaardigheden te trainen. Het bespreekt essentiële vaardigheden voor leidinggevenden, zoals het motiveren van medewerkers en het omgaan met conflicten. Ook laat deze uitgave het belang zien van zelfkennis van de manager en de context waarin gewerkt wordt. Het boek bestaat uit drie delen. Er wordt begonnen met zelfmanagement, daarna wordt het managen van individuen behandeld en ten slotte komt het managen van teams en organisaties aan bod.

Whatever Happened to the Leisure Society?

The leisure society idea can be seen as the modern version of the age-old dream of a 'life of ease and plenty'. This analytically and empirically rich book traces the idea in history, through biblical, classical Greek, medieval and nineteenth century utopian writings and into twentieth century concerns with dystopia and the impact of rapid technological change. The 'leisure society' concept turns out to have been an elusive and short-lived phenomenon. For a variety of reasons, the trend towards shorter working hours ran out of steam in the last quarter of the twentieth century. However, while leisure scholars have deserted the topic, a diverse range of activists, including environmentalists, economists and feminists, continue to make the case for reducing working hours. Whatever Happened to the Leisure Society? concludes that the on-going 'struggle for time' should be supported, for the sake of human health and well-being and for the sake of the planet