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Expedition Leisure & Events: Media books

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In the displays below you will find books on  Media and the media industry available in the Stenden Library. Some of the books are part of the Ebsco E-book collection en can be read online or you can save/download/print pages from these books. Find out by moving the cursor over the title of the book.

Finding books:

Use Stenden Library catalogue to locate these books in the library. Want to know how to find more books in hardcopy or e-books in the library? Use the Information literacy libguide to find out: Information literacy - I want to find a book and Information literacy - Topics and search terms


Media today: Mass communication in a converging world / Turow

The book’s media systems approach helps students to look carefully at how media content is created, distributed, and exhibited in the new world that the digital revolution has created. From newspapers to video games and social networking to mobile platforms, Media Today prepares students to learn to think critically about the role of media today and what these changes mean for their lives presently and in the future.

The news media / Lee & Jin

This book looks at the past, present and future of journalism, considering how the development of the industry has shaped the present and how we can expect the future to roll out. It addresses a wide range of questions, from whether objectivity was only a conceit of late twentieth century reporting, largely behind us now; how digital technology has disrupted journalism; whether newspapers are already dead to the role of non-profit journalism etc.

Public service media in Europe / Kuhn, Novak & Arriaza Ibarra

This new collection of essays explores the history of PSM in selected European countries, from their early establishment as the main media in many countries to charting their transformation and evolution in recent years. The contributions consider the political, economic and market-integration issues that impact PSM, while also highlighting the importance of the ideology that originally accompanied PSM in its initial years, to see how relevant they are in the contemporary world. The book consists of two complementary parts: Part I: Theoretical Aspects and Global Influences on Public Service Media in Europe Part II: A Comparative Analysis of Public Service Media across Europe.

Understanding broadcast journalism / Jukes, McDonald & Starkey

This book presents an insightful exploration of broadcast journalism today; its characteristics, motivations, methods and paradigms. They highlight key issues including ownership and shifting regulatory environments, the revolutionary role of user-generated-content and digital convergence, and coverage of global issues by rolling news services. Chapters include: • a brief history of broadcasting; • an overview of recent commercial challenges in the news industry and the impact on television news; • current trends in the running of local radio stations, with particular focus on the rise of ‘hubbing'; • the ethics of broadcast journalism;

The European newspaper market / Schwarzer & Spitzer

The purpose of this research is to observe how European countries have changed as a result of the advent of the World Wide Web and subsequently the appearance of the Social Web. It analyses how the newspaper industry transformed its business model and which newspapers have been most successful in adapting to the new digital challenges. Additionally, the use of social media by the biggest newspapers in selected European countries was investigated.


A short history of the modern media / Cullen

A Short History of the Modern Media presents a concise history of the major media of the last 150 years, including print, stage, film, radio, television, sound recording, and the Internet. * Offers a compact, teaching-friendly presentation of the history of mass media * Features a discussion of works in popular culture that are well-known and easily available * Presents a history of modern media that is strongly interdisciplinary in nature

The Media Student's Book / Branston

The Media Student's Book is a comprehensive introduction for students of media studies. It covers all the key topics and provides a detailed, lively and accessible guide to concepts and debates. Now in its fifth edition, this bestselling textbook has been thoroughly revised, re-ordered and updated, with many very recent examples and expanded coverage of the most important issues currently facing media studies. It is structured in three main parts, addressing key concepts, debates, and research skills, methods and resources

Understanding media industries / Haven & Lotz

This book examines the interaction between commercial industry realities and media using a critical media studies approach in a concise, topic driven format that is accessible and engaging for undergraduate students.

Media now / Straubhaar, LaRose & Davenport

It provides a comprehensive introduction to today's global media environment and the ongoing developments in technology, culture, and critical theory that continue to transform this rapidly evolving industry, and affect your everyday life.With coverage of the essential history, theories, concepts, and technical knowledge, this book helps you sharpen your media literacy skills preparing you for work in the expanding fields of the Internet, interactive media, and traditional media industries. It includes the latest developments and trends in social media, e-publishing, policy changes for Internet governance, online privacy protection, online ad exchanges, the changing video game industry, and much more.