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Unpacking Tourism: Finding books, journal articles and other sources of information

Finding books

Finding books and ebooks

Use Catalogue NHLStenden library to locate the books in the library or use the eBooks databases to find e-books on your topic. Want to know how to find more books in hardcopy or e-books in the library? Use the Toolbox information literacy library guide to find out more about searching, finding and evaluating information Library guide Information literacy skills and watch these tutorials on how to use the catalogue and Ebsco eBooks database:

Tutorial video Catalogue:

Tutorial video access eBooks

Finding journal articles

Finding journal articles

Use the Information literacy libguide to find out: Information literacy - I want to find journal articles and Information literacy - Topics and search terms and watch these tutorials on how to use the Business Source Ultimate and Hospitality & Tourism Complete databases to find journal articles . Databases with journal articles for Leisure & Tourism can be found on the library website using the link Databases per course

Tutorial video Business Source Ultimate:

Tutorial Hospitality & Tourism Complete:



Internet offers much information. Do think about the credibility and trustworthiness of information. By using Google Books or Google Scholar, you are focusing your search to more reliable publications. See the boxes below and these tutorial videos:

Tutorial video Internet searching:

Tutorial video Google Scholar:


Evaluating Internet sources

Using the internet you can find a lot of information. Not all information is reliable. After all, anyone can post information on the Internet. In order to determine whether information is trustworthy, you can look out for a number of things:

Who is the author?

Who is responsible for the informatin, who has been writing? Is this person an expert? Look into the background of the author (or organization). Has he / she  been publishing book or journal articles more often.

For what purpose is the information published?

What is the purpose of the text? Is to inform and give the information objectively? Or is it to for opinions and does it include opinions or prejudices: is it intended for commerce and does it involve selling a service or product? What is the purpose of the website of the person or organization behind it. Is contact information provided or is the only option to leave your contact details to get in contact?

Are there any references to sources? 

Is it clear on which the information was based? How reliable are these sources? How recent is the information?
On the Internet, there are many checklists in circulation that allow you to check the reliability of the information on websites.


- the CRAAP test evaluation sheet  

- the T is for Thinking: the ICYouSee Guide to Critical Thinking Guide   


Google Books

Use Google Books to search for and within books.  Like in the example you can find books about Tourism that also contains a chapter about  Urban tourism.  In the Content page you can find what other information is addressed that you might not expect by looking at the title alone.

Not all pages will be provides because of the copyright. In some cases a link Find it in a library is provided on the left hand side.Use it to see if the book is available in a Library near tot you (like NHL Stenden library) where you can borrow the book Link through to the library to see whether it is available

Google scholar

Use Google scholar to search for academic information. The results are presented in a different way then in Google. When NHL Stenden Library has access to the article or publication in one of its databases, a link is provided on the right hand side next to the result: FullText @ NHL Stenden Library

Change the Settings of Google Scholar if you want to  be able to see if found articles are full text available at NHL Stenden. Go to Settings. Choose Library links from the left menu. Search for NHL Stenden hogeschool, check the box and save the setting.

Underneath the results in Google Scholar you will find the following links:  

Cited by - refers to articles that have used the article above

Related articles - shows articles that are about similar topics related to the article above

Cite or " - provides the reference to the article in different citation styles like APA


Many publications on the Internet are published in PDF or as a Word document.

Add "filetype:pdf" to your words in the Google search box to find these PDF more quickly

Google advanced

Use Google Advanced , to performe a more specific search.

For example for publications in pdf in a certain language.

With Google Advanced you can use the Boolean operatoren AND (all these words), OR (any of these words) and NOT (none of these words). Also the option for "exact search" is offered. With this option, the words, phrases or sentences are put in between quotation marks, and searched for exactly so.

Besides that options to limit to language, country, update, domain (.org, .edu etc.) and filetype (.doc, .pdf etc.) are possible.