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Law & Hospitality Management: Introduction Law & Hospitality Management



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This LibGuide  “Law & Hospitality Management” provides information and resources for legal learning and research by students of Hotel Management School Leeuwarden (HMSL). It covers print and electronic tools available for research into course-related information on Law & Ethics offered in the Atelier Semesters currently on offer within the Academy of Hotel Management School Leeuwarden (HMSL).


Jacqueline Müller

Michelle Bokma - Calderon Romero


Judicial System Netherlands

Judicial System in the Netherlands:

If you have migrated to the Netherlands from another EU country or if you are working or studying in the Netherlands temporarily, you may come in contact with the Dutch judicial system. On this page you will find an overview of the information about the Dutch judicial system and legal proceedings in English.

International Cooperation

The Dutch Judiciary wants to contribute to strengthening the judiciary in the Netherlands and abroad. The Judiciary does this by further expanding cooperation in those countries where the judiciary is under pressure, but also by coordinating efforts in European networks. In addition, Dutch legal experts support judicial organizations under pressure through a strategically appointed position. Through this international cooperation, the Dutch Judiciary can also learn from abroad and, when necessary, formulate a national policy to protect and strengthen the Dutch judiciary.

In international cooperation, the Judiciary focuses on two themes: the rule of law and quality.

What is the SER?

The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) is an advisory body in which employers, employees and independent experts (Crown-appointed members) work together to reach agreement on key social and economic issues.

The SER advises the Dutch government and Parliament on social and economic policy. It also facilitates agreements. Examples are the creation of the Dutch Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth and various agreements on international responsible business conduct. In addition, the SER carries out administrative tasks, for example to promote employee participation.

HOTREC considers itself as the voice of the European Hospitality industry. 

You can listen to their podcast 'Dare to host' via Spotify


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