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Rethinking Tourism Destinations: Welcome to Rethinking Tourism Destinations

Introducing the semester

Welcome to the LibGuide of the Rethinking Tourism Destinations semester (TM year 2, semester 3).

Each folder represents one of the arches of this semester. Mandatory literature linked to the Knowledge Exchange sessions and Tourism Hub sessions is available in each folder. Furthermore, additional sources for inspiration, guidance and additional knowledge regarding the various components of the semester are kept in this environment.

Good luck and have fun during this semester!

Semester coordinators:

Carolin Giarra                  –

Hanny Kadijk                    –

Sarike van Slooten          –

General skills to use in this semester

The toolbox information literacy skills is designed to help you search, find, evaluate and, process your sources.

Click on the picture to access the toolbox.


This game will make referencing fun and exciting. Defeat the monsters that stand in the way of referencing...