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Information literacy: Answers

Obtained from a University Library Groningen publication on

Question 1 + answer

You only want to find books or articles that are available at the University Library. Where can you best find them?

1. A bibliographic database

2. Dicovery Service

3. Google Scholar


2. Discovery Servce

With Discovery Service you can specifically search in the collection of the university library, as well as in collections held in other libraries within and outside the Netherlands. 

Question 3 + answer

What is true about searching on the internet?  

1. You can find all the articles from bibliographic databases with Google Scholar as well. 

2. Google Scholar is suited for broad searching in academic sources.

3. With the 'regular' Google you can also find the articles that are in Google Scholar.


2. Google Scholar is suited for broad searching in academic sources. However, you will find only some of the articles available through bibliographic databases.