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Enterprising Leadership Hospitality atelier: Value Creation : Assignment

Welcome to the subject guide for the atelier Enterprising Leadership Hospitality. This guide contains information about your assignment, as well as links to videos, articles, books and other materials.

Assignment instructions

This assignment will show you that guests/customers are changing in their behavior and require more than just being served what they have booked or ordered.  

You are seeking a future in the hospitality business and you want to be successful and you also want the company you work for to be successful. Being knowledgeable about what is happening in the market or industry is essential and contributes to your success. 

In this atelier, like all others, you work in groups and you have different roles and responsibilities. The assignment is a group assignment meaning that you will be working together as a team in your assigned atelier team. 

You will familiarize yourself with the 

  1. marketingmix (tools), 
  1. the concept of services and 
  1. the concept of experiences 

Before you start working on the assignment you are required to read the references first to understand the context of the assignment. 


  1. Choose a service company (providing customer service) with which you are familiar (preferably in Leeuwarden) and show how each of the marketing tools are applied.  
  1. For the same company which now provides customer experience show how each of the marketing tools are applied 
  1. In a powerpoint of max 10 slides you will reflect on the similarities and differences of how each tool is operationalized and therefore demonstrate value creation (indicator/datapoint) for the service company. Also convince the service company that integrating the experience would add value to their current concept! 

On completion of the assignment you will have contributed (evidence) to the following Learning Level Outcomes: 

5.2 Creating valuable solutions for the hospitality industry  

5.3 Implementing and evaluating new solutions for the hospitality industry