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* Toolbox Information literacy skills: Search, Find and Evaluate Sources: Processing sources

Searching,finding, evaluating and managing sources made easy

Kick off: How can I process sources properly and why should I?

On this page, we go into detail on why and when it is relevant to make appropriate references. 

It is essential to understand that when you copy or paraphrase texts from books, articles, websites, etc. you will need to acknowledge the author otherwise your work will be deemed as plagiarism and this is forbidden. It is important that the original authors' statements can be verified by the reader, in your case mostly the assessor of your work. This means that you should always make appropriate references to the sources you have used in your report, essay, or assignment. 

This page refers to two reference styles that are used at NHLStenden. APA is predominantly used in most business and management-related courses, whereas IEEE is used at the Maritime Institute.

This also will give you an idea that different types of publications sometimes require different styles of referencing. So depending on where you publish your written work always check the desired referencing style.

APA 7 Guidelines and content videos

This libguide is from the library of the California State University Dominguez Hills. Check out the entire page containing knowledge clips, writing, and formatting tips.

IEEE Reference Guide

Test yourself and practical tools

Zotero is a reference software tool that is free to use.

You can find more information on the website and download the plug-in. 

Tutorials on how to use Zotero can also be found on their website.