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* Toolbox Information literacy skills: Search, Find and Evaluate Sources: Referencing sources

Searching,finding, evaluating and managing sources made easy

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Why is it important to reference sources of information?

  • You give authors credit for their work
  • You show that you haven't made information up
  • You show that you are using reliable information
  • You show the connection between your work and the work of others
  • Using multiple sources of information shows that you have studied the subject in depth
  • You make your work verifiable for others
  • You point readers to different publications on the topic that may be of interest to them
  • You avoid committing plagiarism

How should you refer to sources of information?
Depending on your field and/or study, you use one of the following ways to refer to the source of information:

Guide for legal authors
On this page under Test yourself, you will find quick guides, checklists, tests, and reference software on how to manage your references.


This game will make referencing fun and exciting. Defeat the monsters that stand in the way of referencing...


Victoria University Library. (2017, June 9). IEEE referencing: The Basics [Video].Vimeo.


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