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* Toolbox Information literacy skills: Search, Find and Evaluate Sources: The Search Process

Searching,finding, evaluating and managing sources made easy

Welcome to the toolbox search, find and evaluate sources

Hello and welcome to the Libguide searching, finding, and evaluating sources.

You will discover that there is much to learn about searching for information. You can compare the search process with online shopping. If you don't have a clear idea in advance of what you are looking for, you spend the whole evening browsing on the Internet and end up yellow sweater in the wrong size. But, maybe you were actually looking for a blue jumper ...

During your studies, you will be given assignments to write literature reviews, essays, and reports using academic literature. This Libguide/toolbox will help you to: 

  • ask questions about the topic (context or problem statement) and formulate a search query   
  • select search terms
  • select different sources of information (website, article, etc.)
  • evaluate and assess information sources  
  • process and manage information sources (APA, IEEE source citation, etc.)
  • create a search plan

The reference style used in this library guide is APA 7th edition.


How to use this Libguide/toolbox?

Step 1: Think about where you are in the information search process. (Asking questions about topic/context/problem statement? Search terms? Information sources? Assessing information sources? Processing information sources?).

Step 2: Click on the appropriate page and choose the tool that will help you in your search for information. 

Be patient, you will notice that you become more and more proficient in searching, finding, and evaluating information :)

Good luck!

If you have any questions please find our contact details under the contact page.