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Unpacking Tourism: Arch: Horizon Scanning


Journal of Tourism Futures - vol. 7, issue 2 - Special Issue: Part 2: Tourism trends

In this Special issue of the journal Tourism Futures you will find the article Of trends and trend pyramids by Albert Postma & Bernadette Papp, among other articles relation to trends and futures in tourism.

Environmental scanning / Maree Conway (Thinking Futures)

This guide is designed to provide you with enough information to understand the critical steps you need to follow to set up an effective environmental scanning program in your organisation.

Sustainable tourism 2040 / Albert Postma, Elena Cavagnaro, Ernesto Spruyt

In this article, published in the Journal of Tourism Futures, vol.3 issue 1, the authors set out to to develop a framework that can inspire businesses to use sustainability as a leading principle for their commercial activities, by means of expert consultation