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Unpacking Tourism: Additional suggestions Tourism Literature


Journal of Tourism Futures - vol. 7, issue 1 - Special Issue: The future of e-HRM and artificial intelligence in the hospitality and tourism industry

In this Special issue of the journal Tourism Futures you will find the article A system perspective as a tool to understand disruption in travel and tourism by Albert Postma, Ian Seymore YeomanAlbert PostmaIan Seymour Yeoman . In the article the authors contribute to the understanding of systems thinking and its value for strategic foresight and scenario planning to address disruptive forces from the outside, with the outbreak of COVID19 as a case study.

Societal Value of Tourism and Recreation / Jeroen Klijs et al.

In this report the authors have set out the societal value of tourism and recreation (T&R) across the full breadth of the sector (including domestic, inbound and outbound tourism, overnight and daytrip recreation, hospitality, sports, culture, business hospitality, transportation of tourists and recreationists, and events).

Participation in Sustainable Tourism Development: Stakeholders & Partnership Working / James A. Maiden

This study explores who the stakeholders are, the kind of mechanisms and processes employed to ensure that views are heard, and the effects o f doing so in terms of benefits and problems. The network and coordination structures that underlie all communications are also key considerations. Analysis is undertaken at two different levels — a national and regional level of organisational coordination, as well as a local level case study of a scheme involving diverse stakeholder groups. How the different levels interact and the associated issues are also considered

UNWTO ELibrary - World Tourism Organization - Engelstalig


In the database WTO-eLibrary you can find all the publications from the World Tourism Organisation. The subject areas reflect all important themes moving the tourism sector and include, among other, ecotourism, sustainable development, finance and investment, risk and crisis management, market research, tourism statistics and poverty alleviation. The UNWTO Elibrary contains books, journals and statistical reports by country and by indicator.

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