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International Business: Books


Books and e-books

In de displays below you will find examples of books and e-books relating to International Business available in NHL Stenden library. 

Some of the books are part of the Ebsco E-book collection en can be read online or you can save/download/print pages from these books. Find out by moving the cursor over the title of the book.

Required literature and supplemental literature are described for the various sections of each year.

Finding books

Use Catalogue NHLStenden library to locate these books in the library or use the eBooks databases to find e-books on your topic. Want to know how to find more books in hardcopy or e-books in the library? Use the Information literacy libguide to find out: Information literacy - I want to find a book and Information literacy - Topics and search terms

Ebsco eBooks



Online versions of many books of (scientific) publishers. The database includes e-books in almost all academic disciplines Van Dale Dictionaries Online access too. In the Ebsco eBooks database you can use the AND, OR and NOT operators to make combinations of different keywords.

Safari Books online/O'Reilly books


Safari: O'Reilly's learning platform for Higher Educaton is a repository of books and videos content from more than 250 publishers supported with innovative technologies and tools. undefined