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International Business: Year 1


In the first year, you will learn the basics of business management and cultural awareness. This means that you will learn how organisations and its employees work (together). You will also learn how products or services can be introduced in an international market, while gaining the tools to help you keep an eye on company processes and finances. To support you in this, you will work on themes such as:

  • Organisation and people
  • International Marketing
  • English Business Communication
  • International Sales
  • Personal development
  • Operations Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Finance
  • Accounting 

(NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, z.d.) 

In addition to English, you will also explore a different language which may help you later on in your career, such as German, French, or Spanish.  

Actually the central theme is "The Industry". The building block book contains the parts below:

  • Xplore International Business – Design Based Project

  • Organisation & People

  • Business Transformers: Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Ethical and Social Responsibility International Business Awareness, Intercultural Proficiency, Personal and Professional Development

  • English for Business Communication

  • Foreign Languages

Learning & teaching activities: DBE, Lectures, Workshops, Company visits

Testing: knowledge test/exam O&P, assignment, portfolio.

Under the Year 1 tab you can see the topics of this year and find keywords, books and other relevant resources for each topic.