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International Business: DBE/Research


Below you will find keywords for this subject that you can search for in search engines, on websites, in books, articles etc. 
In addition, you will find the titles of books, which are mandatory for this part of the study and optional literature 


Defining search terms / keywords


Example keywords:

- Design Based Education

- Design Thinking

- Creativity

- Creative thinking

- Design Thinking

Find other keywords: think about synonyms, translations, abbreviations, different spelling, broader terms, narrower terms.

Link the keywords with the boolean operators to specify your search query: AND, OR and NOT:

- AND between terms means: both terms should occur in the documents.

- OR between terms means: one term or both terms should occur.

- NOT between terms means: one term should occur, while the other is excluded.


Other search tips: see Information Literacy Guide

Mandatory literature

Reading list - website

Reading list


- Innovation Process
- Managing innovation
- Empathy
- Synthesis
- Sketching
- Space
- Design in Education
- Design as a Personal Practice

Optional literature