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International Business: Operations Management


Below you will find themes / keywords for this subject that you can search for in search engines, on websites, in books, articles etc. 
In addition, you will find the titles of books, which are mandatory for this part of the study and optional literature 

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Theme 1 Designing the supply chain
- Management of supply chains
- Supply chain sustainablity
- Supply chain integration

Quest: draw the supply chain (three tiers of suppliers) of the simplest product you can find in the supermarket or DIY-market. Also mention where and how IT (bar codes, RFID, …) could enable the processes.

Theme 2 Project Management

- Project planning
- Project scheduling
- Project control (including cultural & diversity issues)

Quest: make a project plan for the module assignment (keep a keen eye on the DBE-cycle!) including WBS and time schedule.

Theme 3 Operations & supply chain strategy
- Operations Management
- Productivity and competitiveness
- Types of processes and production approaches (MTO/ATO/ MTS)

Quest: Overthink and draw the impact of the different process types and production approaches (MTO/ATO/ MTS).

Theme 4 International procurement and distribution
- Procurement
- Distribution
- Transportation

Quest: Overthink where the roles of procurement, distribution and transportation harmonise or disharmonise.

Theme 5 Inventory management
- The role of inventory in SCM
- The elements of inventory management
- Economic order quantity models

Quest: Overthink what the role of SCM is or could be and  what the elements of inventory management are and what’s their meaning.

Theme 6 Quality management
- TQM and QMS
- The role of employees
- The cost of quality

Quest: Overthink and draw the impact of TQM for the supply chain

Theme 7 Lean Supply Chain
- Value
- Waste
- Pull

Quest: Where/how can the supply chain be made leaner?

Link the keywords with the boolean operators to specify your search query: AND, OR and NOT:

- AND between terms means: both terms should occur in the documents.

- OR between terms means: one term or both terms should occur.

- NOT between terms means: one term should occur, while the other is excluded.


Other search tips: see Toolbox information literacy skills

Mandatory literature

Optional literature