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Master Content and Media Strategy (MCMS): Video

Pullizi - Conten Marketing Strategy

Future learn - Social media analytics

Topics covered in this online course of the Queensland University of Technology:

- The role and structures of social media conversations, - Methods for and implications of gathering data
- Key metrics used for analysing Twitter, - Methods for identifying trends in social data
- The theory of social networks, -Methods for creating and interpreting data visualisations

Steve Jobs: The World's Greatest Corporate Storyteller

What is Content Marketing?

Henry Jenkins on How Content Gains Meaning and Value in a Networked Culture

"Content is King" but what constitutes content has shifted considerably in the last decade. This far-reaching talk offered a snapshot of a culture-in-process, a media ecology which is still taking shape, where audiences play an ever more active role in interpreting, creating, circulating and remixing media content. In this context, Professor Jenkins looked at the role that publics play in shaping the content they consume and how it could transform existing models of viral media and web 2.0.