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Master Content and Media Strategy (MCMS): Journals

Finding journals and journal articles

Below you will find some  journals that are of interest.

Want to know how to find more journal articles? 

Use the Information literacy libguide to find out: Information literacy - I want to find journal articles and Information literacy - Topics and search terms 

New Media & Society

New Media & Society engages in critical discussions of the key issues arising from the scale and speed of new media development, drawing on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and on both theoretical and empirical research. Topics to be covered include: digitalization and convergence; interactivity and virtuality; consumption and citizenship; innovation, regulation and control; the cultures of the Internet; patterns and inequalities of use; community and identity in electronic space; time and space in global culture and everyday life; the politics of cyberspace.

The full text articles of this peer-reviewed  journal are available in the database Sage Premier

Journal of Communication

The Journal of Communication concentrates on communication research, practice, policy, and theory, bringing to its readers the latest, broadest, and most important findings in the field of communication studies. Journal of Communication also features an extensive book review section, and the symposia of selected studies on current issues.

Full text articles of this journal are available in the database Communication and Mass Media Complete.

Media psychology

Media Psychology  is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to publishing theoretically oriented, empirical research that is at the intersection of psychology and media/mediated communication.  Research topics include media uses, processes, and effects.  Reports of empirical research, theory papers, state-of-the-art reviews and meta-analyses that provide a major synthesis of primary research findings in a pivotal area will be considered. Manuscripts will be judged by the degree to which they contribute to theory and advance the body of knowledge about the psychology of uses, processes, or effects of the media. Peer reviewed.

- Frequency: 4 x per year.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC) is a web-based, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Its focus is social science research on communicating with computer-based media technologies. Within that general purview, the journal is broadly interdisciplinary, publishing work by scholars in communication, business, education, political science, sociology, psychology, media studies, information science, and other disciplines.

The full text articles of this peer-reviewed journal  are available in the Communication and Mass Media Complete database (12 month delay).

Business Horizons

Business Horizons' articles cover a wide range of topical areas within the general field of business, with emphasis on identifying important business issues or problems and recommending solutions that address these. Ideally, articles will prompt readers to think about business practice in new and innovative ways. Articles published in Business Horizons are grounded in scholarship, yet are presented in a readable, non-technical format such that the content is accessible to a wide business audience.

The full text articles of this journal are available in Science Direct database.

International Journal on Media Management

The International Journal on Media Management provides a global examination of the fields of media and telecommunications management, with a strong emphasis on management issues. The goal of the journal is to offer a close analysis of new industry structures, organizational forms, and critical competencies in the changing media environment. The journal serves as a forum for discussion, bringing together academics and industry figures to explore the transition from "classic" to "new" media and to identify the factors that will determine organizational and economic success in a fast-changing and converging environment. Peer reviewed.

- Frequency: 4 x per year.

Management Communication Quarterly

Management Communication Quarterly articles cover all aspects of communication in management and organizational contexts. MCQ publishes conceptually rigorous, empirically-grounded, and/or practice-relevant research from across the organizational and management communication fields and has strong appeal across all disciplines concerned with organizational studies and the management sciences.

The full text articles of this peer-reviewed journal are available in the database Sage Premier.

Journal of Advertising


The Journal of Advertising, is the premier journal devoted to the development of advertising theory and its relationship to practice. All research related to all types of advertising will be considered for publication. This includes advertising effectiveness, advertising ethics, global advertising issues, and methodological issues, along with the economic, political, social, and environmental aspects of advertising.

the full text articles of this journal are available in the Business Source Ultimate and the Communication and Mass Media Complete

Journal of Media Business

The Journal of Media Business Studies (JOMBS) publishes original scholarly articles that apply business theories to the examination of media and the media industries. JOMBS focuses on the dynamics of media businesses broadly defined. It has a particular interest in the creation, operation, marketing, distribution and consumption of media businesses and their products, including newspapers, magazines, television, music, film, videogames, literature, advertising, digital/social/new media among others.

-  Frequency: 2 x per year.