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Kunst- en Cultuurmanagement / Arts and Culture Management: Entrepreneurship


Cultural entrepreneurship is supported by the government in the Netherlands to reduce dependence on government subsidies. A cultural entrepreneur is also called a culture manager or art manager. It is someone who produces art, trying to attract a paying audience for this with a balanced budget for his company. The artistic value is just as important as the pursuit of profit. Cultural entrepreneurs are for example artists, producers of theater, clients and programmers of exhibitions or concerts. Below you will find examples of organizations that provide information regarding cultural entrepreneurship. The websites of these organizations usually provide tabs and links to "Topics" or "Themes", "Publications", or "Documents" or "Resources". This is where you will often discover reports and more information.

European Commision - Supporting CCIs


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THe status and working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals -EENCA

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Report of the European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual (EENCA). The objective of this study is to explore the status and the working conditions of artists and creative professionals. This includes examination of the career paths of artists and cultural and creative professionals, including entrepreneurship, nature of income, and influence of the market, access to finance, social security and cross-border mobility. And also includes artistic freedom/restrictions, working conditions for disadvantaged groups, and the specific working conditions of young people.

Culture+Entrepreneurship (NL)

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To sel or not to sell - International network for contemporary performing arts IETM

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This toolkit aims firstly to clarify the key concepts and definitions related to business models and business models innovation, possibly overcoming prejudices in the process; it then proposes a business model canvas tailored to the specific characteristics of arts and cultural organisations, and illustrates how some cultural organisations across Europe have successfully innovated their business models.

Arts Index Netherlands

Initiated by the Boekman Foundation, in cooperation with The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP), the index presents reliable, relevant, and longitudinal data on the Dutch cultural field.